Lunch Break Activities

Lunch Break Activities (September)

We were having a great time playing the beachball musical game!
We were very excited to hear to our classmates' answers to the interesting questions written on the ball.
We shared our answers to each other and laughed about it.
It was a very engaging activity!

________ was chosen twice to answer the questions written on the ball!
It was so funny!


Lunch Break Activities (October)

We made bat puppets for Halloween.
They were very easy to make and fun to play!


Lunch Break Activities I (December)

Miss Zarin, explaining how to play the "pin the nose of Santa" game.
We listened to the game instructions attentively so we could win!
Santa's nose wasn't red. So our goal was to give Santa a red nose to get him ready for Christmas!
Miss Zarin allowed us to have a look at the position of Santa's nose before we were blind folded. This helped us in reaching our goal!
Blind folding time! It was all dark!
Game time!
We used our hands to feel our way to Santa's nose.
It was very challenging.
Hahaha! It was so funny!
_______ was the closet to the goal! He was the winner!


Lunch Break Activities II (December)

We played "Candy thief"!. In this game, we had to spoon candies from one bowl to a plate that was placed on top of our head! No, it wasn't as easy as we thought because we were blindfolded!
Miss Zarin, demonstrating how to play the game haha.
It was a race! The first one to scoop all the candies to the plate could bring the candies home!
Oops! ______ dropped a candy.
________ was leading! For her, it was a piece of cake.


Lunch Break Activities III (December)

Here, we played "Junk in the trunk".
In this game, we had to shake our hips until we could empty the junk in the tissue box that was tied to our waist. It was a total workout!
Miss Zarin showed us how to wear the tissue box.
We helped each other to get ready for the game!
________ couldn't wait. He was very excited!
Game time!
Jump, bend, twist and shake! We had to use our maximum flexibility!